Gold's interest in poker began as a youngster. His mother, Jane, was a keen poker player, and his grandfather was a master gin rummy player. Gold's most serious efforts to improve his recreational poker exploits came about when he began working with former WSOP main event winners Johnny Chan and Chris Moneymaker on several ventures, including a television show, and Chan was his inspiration.

In 2005, Gold began regularly playing in poker tournaments. In April 2005 at the Bicycle Casino, he won his first major no limit Texas hold 'em tournament, earning $54,225. Over the next 12 months, Gold had seven more in the money finishes in California tournaments and won 6 events in 2006 at the Hustler Casino.

The major poker trade publication at the time had analyzed Gold’s winning poker strategies as follows: "He forced his tablemates to risk their entire stack time after time. If they reraised him, he either knew they were holding the nuts and folded, or he sniffed out a bluff and forced them all in," thus "he transformed this strategy into an art form."

Jamie’s first proper introduction to the game however was realized whilst watching the film ‘Rounders’ with Matt Damon. Playing in house games with friends, Jamie built up his skill and understanding of the game; constantly analyzing hands with the best poker players in the world.

After working on a book and television deal with Johnny Chan, Jamie was inspired to start playing major tournaments in 2005. The first win came from taking down a NL HE tournament at the Bicycle Casino for $54,225 followed by many more cashes. Jamie’s playing style throughout the 2006 Main Event was one which he pioneered, talking his opponents in and out of their hands and manipulating their actions with his words and aggressive betting style. It was this style that launched Jamie onto the international poker stage when he busted 7 of the 8 finalists on the Final Table single-handedly.

In this original painting, artist Dave Hobrecht captured the moment that Jamie won the 2006 WSOP Main Event and presented it to Jamie in recognition of the work Jamie has done throughout the world of sports, bridging charity work and his craft seamlessly.

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Dave Hobrecht's art:


  • 37th Annual World Series of Poker Champion
  • World Series of Poker prize pool of $87,773,000 was the largest in the history of all sporting events
  • Surpassed 8,772 players for the largest poker tournament in history
  • Lead World Series of Poker record field from day 3 to final day 10
  • Ranks in the top 20 of Poker’s All-Time Money List
  • Winner of the highest rated poker tournament of all time
  • He is a syndicated poker columnist for Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and 180 other newspapers in the U.S.
  • Currently has over 100 hours of original poker programming on ESPN, ESPN2, NBC, GSN and MSNBC
  • Guest starred as himself in several reality television programs and documentary films
  • Has appeared on over 15 worldwide covers or front page periodicals
  • Captain of winning team in first public Dream Team Poker Championship
  • 2nd Highest Searched name in 2006 only behind Paris Hilton
  • Keynote Speaker at events such as CAP euro and the 2015 Wall Street Conference
  • Honored to throw out the first pitch at a Los Angeles Dodgers game
  • Dubbed by media, “The Poker Philanthropist”, for his continuous charitable efforts
  • Hosted, emceed or appeared at almost 200 charity events helping to raise over $300 Million Dollars
  • Won 2007 Montel Williams MS Foundation Poker Tournament and gave entire winnings to MS Foundation
  • Known for eating blueberries at the table while playing
  • Guest speaker at Learning Annex, and guest lecturer at UCLA
  • Hosted event for the launch of VirginAmerica Airlines
  • Frequent Guest on many of USA’s leading talk radio programs